A commitment to cultural diversity and respect is fundamental to ac.care's dedication to supporting all people living in rural South Australia, with a particular focus on Aboriginal communities and families. ac.care has been invited -as  the only non-Aboriginal organisation - to be a core member of the Aboriginal Statewide Advisory Committee on Services for Vulnerable Children and their families.

All programs delivered by ac.care are for Aboriginal people and we have some that are specifically tailored to Aboriginal people. We employ Aboriginal staff and work with Aboriginal Communities to ensure our services are culturally appropriate.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners and their ancestors of these lands we work and meet on. We also acknowledge the deep connection to the land and pay respect to the First Nation People from this land and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People from different Nations that reside here today 


Aboriginal-foster-care-DLAboriginal Foster Care

 Become a Nunga Foster Carer and help kids stay connected with their communities

 “My hands are in your hands”

 ac.care needs your help to care for Nunga kids. We will be there to listen and support you on your foster care journey

 Become a Nunga Foster Carer with ac.care

  1.  Phone ac.care and have a chat with one of our assessment workers and organise a home visit with an Aboriginal support worker.
  2.  ac.care’s assessment and Aboriginal support workers will visit your home to talk about the process to become a foster carer.
  3.  Home visits with our assessment and Aboriginal support workers to complete your application



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Communities for Children

Communities for Children is a service to ensure children have the best start in life. It does this by focussing on targeted prevention and early intervention approaches that bring about positive outcomes for young children and their families.  Communities for Children  brings together services to help vulnerable Australian families find their way out of disdvantage. 

Emergency Relief Program

 Emergency Relief provides limited financial assistance and food items to families and individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Financial Counselling

 ac.care Financial Counselling provides a free and independent financial counselling service offering information and support to individuals and families who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Gerard crèche

ac.care was honoured to be invited by the Gerard community to sponsor their crèche. The Gerard crèche opened on 1st February 2010.

The crèche provides care for children in a culturally appropriate space in a manner that respects their culture while their parents or carers have the opportunity to do adult business, including work, community business and other caring roles. Time spent at the crèches helps children with school readiness, builds their social skills and strengthens connections between health and learning in the Aboriginal communities of Murray Bridge and Gerard.


ICC Youth Engagement

Aims & Expected Outcomes

The aim of the project is to develop a regional cohesive model of service delivery based on the Social and Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) system of care. The SEWB Framework, based on a holistic concept of health as understood by Aboriginal people will ensure Mainstream organisations; deliver services appropriately and accountably to Aboriginal People.

Who is this for?

Aboriginal young people.

About the Service

The Key points of the new framework are:

  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing Assessment tool that all Organisations in the region would use at the entry Point. (This would is being Developed with Aboriginal Organisations, and Mainstream organisations.)
  • A membership to the AYFN with the delivery of this SEWB assessment.
  • Training provided to Aboriginal and mainstream organisations in the Social and emotional wellbeing principles and concepts of holistic health as understood by Aboriginal people.
  • Development of a logo for organisations who deliver this model.

This concept of a cohesive service approach would ensure organisations are connected to each other and work within the same principles, providing opportunity for greater integration and effectiveness of service delivery to the community and Aboriginal People.




n/a. For more information call ac.care Murray Bridge 8532 6303

Referrals - n/a

Low interest loans

available in Limestone Coast, Murraylands, Riverland


Low Income Support

available in Limestone Coast, Murraylands, Riverland


Minya Porlar Creche

Aims & Expected Outcomes

Minya Porlar Creche provides educational outcomes and school readiness for children and assists children with additional needs. We also offer employment opportunities for community members with access to formal childcare training.

Who's this for?

Aboriginal children 6 months to 5 years

About the Services

Minya Porlar Creche is a partnership with, Network SA and ASMSU, and the funding body Fachsia. Minya Porlar  is held as  best practice in Aboriginal Specific Child Care across Australia and provides opportunities for children to experience local language, a credited nutrition program, links with other community based programs and to broader family networks, (for example regular visits by Elders). The Creche demonstrates the commitment to quality learning opportunities and cultural experiences for children.

ac.care  is the sponsor body and works in partnership with the Lower Murray Nungas Club.  The program is also strongly supported by the Aboriginal Resource & Management Support Unit, the local Kindergarten, Murray Mallee Community Health Early Intervention Team and the Secretariat National Aboriginal Child Care.

Minya Porlar Creche offers care to children of indigenous parents who are working, looking for work, studying, or are carers in need of respite. The Creche operates to the standards and requirements of a Long Day Care service and is recognised across Australia as an innovative and unique service. The staff are Indigenous community members who, through experience and formal training, are becoming skilled as quality Child Care Workers.

The Creche operates Monday to Thursday and cares for approximately 15 children each day and creates opportunities for for children, parents, staff and the community for extended learning and development.


Appointments are made with the Program Manager to discuss care needs and waiting list. Please call 8531 3969.

Referrals not required.


Opening Doors

The Opening Doors program is for Aboriginal young people and young adults aged 15 to 25  living in the Riverland  when you are not coping with things in your life. You can access the program yourself or someone working with you can refer you to the program.

Opening Doors can help you with a range of flexible and individual support services:

  • support to manage yourself and health care
  • support to assist you with motivation, behaviour, communication and self-esteem
  • daily living skills such as household budgeting, cooking etc
  • support to access and participate in community activities and services
  • support to nuture family and personal relationships and social networks
  • support to undertake educational and vocational activities  including volunteering
  • advocacy and support to meet legal requirements 

Please note - Opening Doors is not a crisis response nor does it have any form of housing.

For more information phone 8582 2344 or call into ac.care's Berri office, 7  Wilson Street, Berri

Referring agencies - please phone 8532 2344 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information relating to the program


Opening Doors is funded by Country Health SA and the Department of Families and Communities-(DFaC's). The program is a partnership between:

  • ac.care
  • Housing SA
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service-(CAMHS)
  • Country Health SA
  • Riverland Adult Mental Health Service
  • Department of Families and Communities-(DFaC's).


Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program provides Indigenous young people in the Berri, Barmera and Gerard areas to develop confidence, achieve success, work as a team and actively participate in the community. If you require support in doing resume’s or job applications or anything that you feel will support you as a young Adult  in a successful journey in life.

Youth Action Committee

The Aboriginal Youth Action Committee is a committee of young people who are supported to develop leadership skills and to act as a voice for indigenous young people in the wider community. The committee along with the AYD worker meet to plan and implement out of school activities to keep our Aboriginal Youth healthy  and  connected with each other as well as  their land,  culture and Identity in a respectful manner.


Specialist Homelessness Services

(NAHA – National Affordable Housing Agreement). Services throughout the Limesstone Coast, Murraylands and Riverland. Please click on above link for more information.

Aboriginal Youth and Family Network

The Aboriginal Youth and Family Network (AYFN) was created in 2009 by ac.care with funding from the Federal Government’s Communities for Children program, as a response to the community asking for a network specific for Aboriginal youth and family issues.

AYFN includes in its network a wide range of government and non-government service providers, local, state and federal government agencies, local Aboriginal organisations and community members.

ac.care provided funding and support for AYFN to deliver training sessions on Social and Emotional Wellbeing for local organisations.  The training package is specifically based on how to respond to Aboriginal client needs in a culturally inclusive and accountable way.


Workshops | Events | Articles

Regional Aboriginal Advisory Forum (RAAF)

RAAF was established as a committee reporting to the ac.care Board for the purposes of:

  • supporting ac.care in its delivery of Aboriginal services
  • monitoring ac.care services being delivered to members of the Aboriginal communities across the service delivery areas.
  • providing advice to ac.care regarding both increasing outputs and also the strategic direction of ac.care services in meeting the needs of the Aboriginal communities across the service delivery areas.

The RAAF committee consists of:

  • 1-2 members of Riverland Aboriginal communities
  • 1-2 members of Murraylands Aboriginal communities
  • 1-2 members of South East Aboriginal communities
  • ac.care Chief Executive Officer [by invitation]
  • ac.care Director, Children’s & Aboriginal Services [by invitation]
  • ac.care Manager, Child, Youth & Aboriginal Services
  • Local ac.care Aboriginal services staff [by invitation]

RAAF meets Bi-monthly, prior to and in same location as scheduled ac.care Board meetings. 

Dwayne represents Aboriginal Youth in Canberra

Congratulations to Dwayne Lindsay, chairperson of ac.care's Aboriginal Youth Action Committee (AYAC), who has been selected to represent South Australia at the inaugural National Indigenous Youth Parliament in Canberra ... read more in The Murray Pioneer's article






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