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Scholarship Recipients

We are excited to announce that three young people have been the recipients of the Homeless Youth Resilience Scholarship.  

Tara, Joe and Kylie (names changed to protect client confidentiality) each had experienced  challenging times. The scholarship will assist with some of their educational expenses and support them to meet their educational goals. 


girl_leaning_on_book_in_library-from_BiancaKylie  |  aged 16

Kylie was living independently from her mother due to a poor relationship with her father. She then stayed in a house that became unsafe for her and was forced to flee immediately. Since then Kylie has been under significant emotional and financial distress.  Kylie is now in secure accommodation, back at school to complete year 12 with dreams and commitment to continue her education to become a youth worker.

"I want to finish my education and then build my way up to youth work and help kids

in my position"


young_man_standing_with_arms_folded-editedJoe  |  aged 18

Joe left his father's home because of family violence. Joe developed a use of illicit drugs from the age of 13 due to his father sharing drugs with him. Joe is clean  now and continuing  his education. He finished year 11 at TAFE and will continue to study year 12 in 2011. He has been accepted as a trainee cook at a local business. After year 12 he intends continuing as a trainee cook and studying Cert 1 in Commercial Cookery.

"When I finish my studies and have the qualification I expect to obtain permanent employment so I will have a stable and beneficial life"


girl_paintingTara   |  aged 16

Tara was bullied at school to the extent she was so traumatised she dropped out and became a recluse. Her confidence and self-esteem were shattered and then she was kicked out of her home. Now, Tara is now in secure supported accommodation, back at school to complete year 12, with dreams and commitment to finish a tertiary education.

"my hope is to complete year 12 and be accepted into tertiary studies to provide myself with greater opportunities in life"






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