Personal Success Coaching provides a Personal Success Coaching service two days per week from the Family Relationship Centre in Mount Gambier.

We are able to take referrals from other organisations who have people who wish to use with the service and people can self-refer (ie, you can contact us directly to make an appointment by calling  8721 3500 or email More information below the image.

What is ‘coaching’?

Coaching is an action-orientated, fun partnership between a person and their coach that helps the a person gain clarity on where their life is now and empowers them to make whatever changes they want, to achieve the desired results in their life.

Coaching is a structured and professional process involving several sessions, combining:

  • specialised training
  • expanding awareness and
  • building supportive environments that inspire a person to grow and stretch themselves past their comfort zones.

Is coaching the same as counselling?

No. Coaching is not counselling and does not take the place of counselling. Our qualified Personal Success Coach provides personalised coaching to individuals that support and encourage them to challenge themselves, break through fears and move forward in areas such as:

  • personal development through finding life direction
  • navigating through life cycles
  • motivation
  • personal fulfilment
  • finding strengths
  • confidence/self esteem building
  • building rewarding relationships and
  • stress management.

Why would someone engage with a Personal Success Coach?

People who come to coaching often say “I feel lost” or “I don’t know what I want to do” or “I’m just going around and around in circles”. We work together to change ways of thinking to achieve the success that a person wants. That can be anything from changing negative thought patterns, working out strengths and weaknesses and finding out what a person is passionate about.

  • Personal Success Coaching can help you if you are ready to:
  • Make changes
  • Create options
  • Move forwards
  • Leap out of your comfort zone

We can help you with:

  • Your own personal coaching via face-to-face appointments
  • Email support between sessions
  • Support to realise your life purpose
  • Support you to focus on ways to set your own goals
  • Support you to move forward to the life you want.

What is the cost?

The cost is minimal starting at $25 per session for people who are employed full-time, $10 per session for people who are employed part-time and cost free for those on benefits or not in the workforce.

How to make an appointment?

To make a client referral or to get more information, please call’s Personal Success Coach, at the Family Relationship Centre on 1800 880 913 OR 8721 3500 OR . There are outreach services in Millicent and Naracoorte.