2018 Support Homeless People Luncheon

We invite you to join us at the 2018 Support Homeless People Luncheon at the Barn.
Since 2012, 848 local people including children have been assisted with the funds raised at the bi-annual Support Homeless People Luncheon. Businesses and the community have come together to raise over $210,000 for people who experience homelessness in the Limestone Coast.
Funds raised at the inaugural event have been used in a range of innovative ways, including creating the award winning homelessness prevention program TED. Further information on TED is available in the brochure.
The key note speaker will be Mr Tim Guest. Mr Guest is a self-made millionaire who retired in his late 20s and has recently appeared on television in the SBS documentary ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’. He is now a national financial literacy educator and a committed philanthropist.
For more information about the 2018 Support Homeless People Luncheon