Changing Tracks

Encouraging men to make better choices and learn to communicate in a healthy, effective and safe manner.

Family and domestic violence is a cycle. Changing Tracks interrupts that cycle and prevents it from perpetuating.

What is changing tracks?

Through a 24-week group program, you can learn to manage your anger and gain the skills to communicate in a healthy and effective manner.

Participants can hear and share stories with others in similar situations and access support in a respectful and confidential environment.

The course teaches participants methods of anger management and how to reprogram their responses to conflict and stress.

Individual counselling is also made available to work through issues and address the source of violent, abusive behaviour.

Counselling is confidential, respectful and professional. 

Facilitators hope to motivate change in men’s lives and promote compassionate relationships free of abuse.

Who is changing tracks for?

This program encourages men to make better choices and learn to communicate in a healthy, effective and safe manner.

Changing Tracks can assist clients whose:
• Behaviour is hurting their family and self
• Anger or violence is getting out of hand
• Partner has asked them to seek help repeatedly
• Partner has applied for a Violence Restraining Order
• Children do not want to communicate with them anymore

Actions towards their family may be classified as humiliation, intimidation, injury, abuse, threatening, disrespectful, pushing, hitting or causing fear

How much does the changing tracks program cost?

Some fees may be applicable, but are negotiable.

Contact us to inquire about participating in our group program,
one-on-one sessions or for details of school-based services.

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