Christmas in July at The Adelaide Hills Farmers Market

Children Lucy, Phoenx, Akasha, Bella and Katelyn are organising at giving tree for Christmas in July at The Adelaide Hills Farmers Market (Mann st, Mt Barker) this Saturday, 23rd (8.30-12.30) July.
The children will be taking collections of practical items to make up bags for people experiencing homelessness. Much needed items are – soaps, deodorants, razors, sanitary items, band aids, toothbrushes/paste, face cloths, wipes, nappies, etc, perhaps something warm – gloves, beanies, scarves. There will be face painting for the kids too, with 20% of proceeds going towards gift cards for homelessness.
“we can all go without treats for a while to help others instead. I want them to have their lives and the beautiful love in the whole world” – Phoenix, 8
“if people don’t have a home, we should invite them for a night or 2, or help them find somewhere safe” – Lucy, 6
“There are a lot of people/families outside right now in the cold, with no shelter, warmth or comfort, not knowing where they will sleep tonight – I am so grateful for my bed, blankets and food whenever I want” – Akasha 10
“it may not look like the giving tree is doing much, but it is a small thing that can have a big impact on someone’s life” – Bella 11
“Imagine all the comforts of home, all the things that make life comfortable – now imagine them gone!!! This is why we should help the homeless” – Katelyn, 12
A bit thank you and hope they get great support on Saturday