Millicent Community Centre

57-59 George Street, Millicent SA, 5280
Ph: 8735 5700 | Email:

The Millicent Community Centre is a multi function office with a range of services, a Service SA Rural Agent/ Service Agent, Department of Human Services Agency and a location for other organisation’s to provide their outreach services. services available from the Millicent Community Centre include:

  • Children's Contact Service
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Emergency Relief
  • Family Support
  • Family Relationship Counselling
  • Financial Counselling
  • NILS (No Interest Loans)


Service SA Rural Agent

As a Service SA Rural Agent delivers services and products to the community including:

  • Learner Driver theory tests every Thursday between 3pm and 6pm
  • Recreational boat licence theory tests Thursdays between 3pm and 6pm
  • Information to customers on Government services including:
  • Downloading of application forms
  • Sale of products
  • Enduring Power of Attorney Kit
  • Learner Driver Book

Other services include:

  • Cancelling a motor vehicle registration
  • Removing a concession from a vehicle
  • General fees enquiry
  • Renewal fees enquiry
  • Register a Used Vehicle in a New Owner's name
  • Record a Change of Plate Number
  • Renew a Registration
  • Obtain a replacement label/certificate
  • Transfer a registration
  • Vehicle Status Enquiry
  • Change of address
  • Joint Client Number enquiry
  • Notify the sale of a vehicle
  • Find out if a Special Plate is available
  • Order Replacement plates
  • Order a Special Plate
  • Renew a Custom Plate Agreement
  • Enquire Audit Trail
  • Enquire Organisation Audit Trail (Gov't only)
  • Replacement Driver's Licence
  • Replacement Driver's Learner's Permit
  • Renew Driver's Licence
  • Renew Driver's Learner's Permit
  • Replacement Proof of Age
  • Pay NHVAS Fees
  • Notify Lost / Stolen / Destroyed Work Diary
  • Registrations of Motor Boat
  • Change of Address (Boating) (Licence)
  • Finalising a Payment
  • Print Documents
  • For more information on Service SA:
  • Outreach services

The Community Centre also acts as an office space for the following agencies who visit regularly to provide an outreach service to Millicent and surrounding areas. These include:

  • Food assistance for other organisations.
  • Adracare
  • Unity Housing
  • Wise Employment
  • Life Without Barriers
  • Job Prospects
  • Western Districts Employment Access