Life Buoyance Institute – Children Who Hurt Others: Growing Empathy (Berri)

This group Staff and Carer Professional Development Session is covering Children Who Hurt Others: Growing Empathy

This session is face-to-face at Berri Library in the Reading Room. Opportunities are also available for one-on-one clinical sessions with Dr Ivan Raymond. Search one-on-one to find available slots.

At we continue to play our part in keeping the community safe by following the COVID safety protocols. In order to ensure, as best as possible, the safety and wellbeing of carers, children and staff at face to face training and events held on sites, we require everyone to adhere to the SA Health directions. This includes being full vaccinated against COVID 19, checking in via the QR code on arrival, the use of personal protective equipment, including masks (except where medical exemptions are in place), adhering to social distancing and using individualised training materials and resources provided by the trainers to minimize contact. There are some online alternatives for participating in training when face to face contact is not an option. If you have any questions, please contact our training team by emailing Please note that whilst most training can be delivered face to face or online, TCI-F crisis prevention and intervention training is unable to be delivered online and must be presented in person.

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