Children’s Contact Service

The Children's Contact Service enables children of separated parents to have safe contact with the parent that they do not live with in circumstances where the families are unable to manage their own contact arrangements.

About Children's Contact Service (CCS)

  • The CCS offers supervised visits and change-overs for children of separated families in a safe, neutral, caring and supportive environment.
  • Children can have supervised visits with their parent that they do not live with, or with significant others.
  • workers also facilitate change overs between parents.
  • During both supervisions and change-overs parents do not have contact with one another and, therefore, children aren’t exposed to potential conflict, and parents are protected.
  • The aim of the service is to support families to move to self managed arrangements.  We offer a flexible approach to service delivery including partial supervision and off-site visits.   We develop case plans with clients to support them to move to self managed arrangements.

Getting Started

  • Assessment interviews will take place with both parents separately, at least one week prior to the commencement of service use.
  • A familiarisation visit for the child/children and parents will be arranged before service use commences.  This involves meeting workers and being shown around the facilities to ensure children and parents feel comfortable before their first session.
  • We will do our best to follow court ordered times, but this may not always be possible.
  • Copies of all relevant Parenting Orders and Intervention Orders are to be provided to the Centre at the first opportunity.
  • Children's Contact Service Application Form

Opening Hours

  • The service provides supervisions and change overs on Friday afternoons and weekends.
  • Staff are available for support and information Monday-Friday at the Family Relationship Centre.
  • does not operate on Good Friday and Christmas Day.  Clients will need to make alternative arrangements on these days.


  • The Children’s Contact Service is funded by the Department of Social Services.
  • Inquiry, intake and assessment, information and support services are free of charge.
  • Both parties are required to pay a small fee for supervisions and change-overs unless otherwise agreed or court directed.  However, no family will be disadvantaged due to their financial circumstances and fee amounts can be negotiated due to financial hardship.

Supervised Contact Visits

Full fee - $60 for 6 sessions per party ($30 concession)

If you are only scheduled for less than 6 visits this amount can be reduced accordingly.

Supervised Changeovers

$30 per party for 6 weekends, this includes change over and change back ($15 concession)


Children's Contact Service Application Form