TED – Tenancy Education Program


TED is ac.care's award winning program to assist you keep your home.

For more information about the TED program, please contact care@accare.org.au or:

Mount Gambier Community Centre
22-24 Ferrers Street, Mount Gambier
(08) 7725 3000

ac.care Berri
5 Kealley Street, Berri
(08) 8580 5300

ac.care Murray Bridge
29 Bridge Street, Murray Bridge
(08) 8531 4900


TED - Tenancy Education Program - is an award winning initiative of ac.care which started as a pilot in Mount Gambier from the funds from the Support Homeless People Luncheons. TED is now available in the Adelaide Hills-Murray Mallee, Riverland as well as the Limestone Coast. Pictured below are some of our team with the award.


TED award
TED award

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