Therapeutic Strength Based Care Homes

Therapeutic Strength Based Care Homes provide residential services to children and young people under the Guardianship of the Minister.

Therapeutic Strength Based Care (TSBC) is a framework that focuses on using Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) as a model for best practice. TSCB is ensuring that the service is providing is focused on being therapeutic in environment and staffing,

Strength based is ensuring staff are focusing on the children/young persons' strengths and developing strategies to engage clients from a positive framework.

TCI is the model we use to train staff - it aims to ensure staff know how to respond to a crisis and ensure that there is a best outcome from the crisis, that a crisis can be a learning point, that staff need to co regulate with the client and the staff need to beware of what they are feeling at the time of the crisis.

Residential care placements are located in the Murray Bridge and Mount Gambier regions.

All referrals must come from the Department of Child Protection.