Staff share commitment to care

OUR 243 staff and numerous volunteers work across more than 40 programs and services, but share a common mission and uphold the values of The Way.

The Way, endorsed by the agency in 2020, focuses on showing compassion and adaptability, embracing excellence and building relationships.

Distribution of The Way statement ensures all staff are familiar with our shared vision and focus on exceptional, values-based services every day to clients.

The strength and dedication of our employees and volunteers was proven through their continued commitment to serving the thousands of country South Australians who rely on us for care through the most challenging of times during COVID-19.

We work with clients, including some of the most vulnerable members of our community, in their homes, our community centres and other sites.

Staff faced new complications as COVID-19 restrictions changed throughout the year, but adjusted service delivery as required and adapted as alterations were announced.

Our staff continue to be supported with our employee assistance program, providing free counselling to help staff deal with challenging situations, and we gather for our all-staff team building day, bringing people from across our programs and corporate services together in all three regions.

We have also continued to provide development opportunities for staff through our Aboriginal cultural learning plan, leadership development plan and implementation of other human resources strategies, enhancing our reputation and performance as an employer of choice.

Our Workplace internal communication platform continues to allow staff to celebrate our achievements, recognise each other’s contributions, support one another and share stories of the difference we make in people’s lives.

Working with vulnerable people to help clients secure a brighter future leads to unique challenges on a daily basis, but together our team support one another while striving to deliver on our mission.