Youth – Youth Resilience Scholarship


Young people from the Limestone Coast, Murraylands and Riverland have benefited from a Youth Resilience Scholarship. It is the generosity of our donors who want to make a difference, and indeed do, that enables us to give these scholarships. A big thank you to Cops for Kids for their significant donation.

The Scholarship is not about academic achievement, it is about resilience. It is for young people who are doing it tough, yet who want to hang on to, or get back into their education. We have profiled some of the recipients for you below and thank the donors who have given this opportunity to the young people.


Guidelines and the nomination form are available by downloading “Youth Resilience Scholarship Guidelines” and “Nomination form“. To donate visit our donation options.


Scholarship recipient goals aged 12
Scholarship recipient goals aged 14
Scholarship recipient goals aged 15
Scholarship recipient goals aged 16
Scholarship recipient goals aged 17
Eliza's handwritten goals
Youth Resilience Scholarship nominee educational and work goals
Youth Resilience Scholarship nominee educational and work goals
ac.care Youth Resilience Scholarship nominee educational and work goals
ac.care Youth Resilience Scholarship nominee on future educational and work goals
ac.care Youth Resilience Scholarship nominee educational and work goals

Eliza | 16

Eliza’s mother passed away when Eliza was quite young and she does not have a relationship with her father. She was staying with her aunt but that relationship broke down and Eliza had nowhere to live. She is now living independently on a short term lease. Eliza missed a lot of school in 2012 and has re-enrolled for 2013 with the goal to finish her schooling and either gain full-time employment or continue on at university level.

Kendall's handwritten educational goals
Kendall’s educational goals

Kendall | 16

Kendall and his sister returned home from school and found their parents had moved out. They didn’t know where they had gone. They were left in the house, alone, without means to pay the rent, buy food, pay for electricity….

Kendall and his sister now have accommodation. Through this time Kendall continued to attend school and this year hopes to finish so he can enter a trade.

Debbi |  13

“I want to complete high school and to go to uni to study to become a lawyer. I want to be a lawyer so that people who do wrong things will be brought to justice. I love singing and dancing and really want to continue these after school, also my sport. At present I am writing a book and would like to complete this and continue to write. If I can earn enough money I would buy my mum a house and make sure my brother has what he needs.” (written by school counsellor in discussion with Debbi)

Kylie – aged 16

“I want to finish my education and then build my way up to youth work and help kids in my position.”

Tara | 16

“My hope is to complete year 12 and be accepted into tertiary studies to provide myself with greater opportunities in life.”

Sharon | 16

“I wish to complete school, get a positive career that would help me to be successful. I would like to complete school so I have a future.”

Cathy |  18

“In my future I’m hoping to become a qualified childcare worker. I want to get a good job and buy my own house. I want a different life to my mum, a better life than I had growing up, having a good education behind me will help that a lot.”


*The recipients’ names changed to protect their privacy

Youth Resilience Scholarship Guidelines