FRC – Post Separation Cooperative Parenting

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Parental separation is a difficult and emotional time for parents. Matters such as finances and housing often need to be reassessed and these issues add to the already heightened conflict of separation.

Amidst the upheaval and heightened emotions, it can be easy to overlook the impact of separation on children, with parents often unprepared to support their children effectively during this time.

The Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program assists separated parents by educating them on the special needs of their children during separation and equips them with skills and strategies to reduce conflict and improve communication, with a view to shifting their focus from parental conflict to the needs of the children.

The Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program can be accessed by all separated parents seeking to learn skills to improve communication, reduce conflict and support their children.

It is also designed to complement the Family Dispute Resolution Service (Mediation).

The Post Separation Cooperative Parenting program consists of the following:

  • Children in Focus Information Session (approximately 3 hours) – a one-off information session with a focus on looking after yourself in the stress of separation, reducing conflict, improving communication and supporting children emotionally. The session is run in small groups of 2 - 6 parents.
  • Individual case management – working individually with a case manager to work on issues specific to your situation (this support can be ongoing with no further fees required after attending the Children in Focus Information Session).
  • Support to prepare for mediation – for mediation clients only, following attendance of the Children in Focus Information Session, and requiring at least one appointment before mediation.

Separated parents may no longer be partners, but they will always be parents