Youth – Youth Support and Development

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Working with young people aged 15-19 to build capabilities and experience to successfully engage in meaningful social, educational and employment opportunities. Our youth worker can guide, mentor and support you to set your own individual goals and work through barriers to achieve them. We help you connect to your community so you can thrive personally and socially. “Life first” focus.

Helping vulnerable young people achieve and participate in the Murraylands community, our Youth Support and Development Program can help you:

  • Improve connection to secondary education
  • Gain employment skills
  • Develop independent living skills
  • Achieve positive life goals
  • Transition out of school to further education, training and employment
  • Improve connection to family, community and culture’s youth support and development program is for young people aged 15-19, but can be extended to people aged between 10 and 25 in some circumstances, especially those disengaging from education, family and community.
We are welcoming of all young people, including those who are:


  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Identify as LGBTIQA+
  • Young parents
  • Young carers
  • Living with a disability and not eligible for NDIS funding
  • From areas of identified disadvantage.